How does our Bid Training Programme work?

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Understanding the psychology of the evaluator 


Whiterock's unique experience includes 25 years leading some of the biggest public procurements in the UK, evaluating thousands of bids. 

Our programme will help you understand how the evaluator thinks, how evaluators evaluate and how to impress them.

4 characteristics of a winning bid



Our team has helped secure over £5bn of work for our clients across sectors including education, health, nuclear and infrastructure. 

Our programme takes uncertainty out of bidding by showing you the 4 essential  characteristics you need to achieve a winning bid, every time.


Bitesize learning modules with practical tips and activities.


Our learning modules are focused around the 4 characteristics of a winning bid and span an array of topics from answer planning and drafting to organograms and case studies. 

Our Trainer will guide your team through practical activities to help apply what they have learnt and share helpful tips, and tools to standardise your bid process.

Tailored programme to suit your needs.


Our programme will be fully tailored to suit your team’s requirements, future bids and timeframe. 

Our trainers are based across the UK so we can accommodate any location which best suits your team.