At Whiterock we support contractors to win

and sustain public sector work.

About Us

At Whiterock we support contractors to win and sustain public sector work.

Our team’s unique mix of expertise comes from years of working on major programmes and projects

for both the public and private sectors. Between us, we have led procurements on behalf of central and local government 

with a total value of over £15bn. 

We have evaluated countless bids. This experience and insight means we understand what the public sector wants 

and how contractors should respond.

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Framework Places









Whiterock can tailor our offer to support and complement the bidding contractor's own skills and resources. We work with clients that range from large international companies to regional SMEs.


We offer a full range of bid support services. Whiterock can tailor our offer to support and complement your skills and resources. We work with clients that range from large international companies to regional SMEs. This includes building, civil engineering and offsite manufacturers. 

We specialise in winning framework places, and once on a framework we will work with you into the operational phase, by preparing template documents and training local teams.

Market Intelligence

We track the public sector’s capital plans, focusing on frameworks and major projects. Our tracker monitors at least three to four years ahead, and contains all of our research and intelligence. This approach gives ample preparation time in the run up to the procurement being advertised and allows robust resource planning.

Strategic Planning

We start to guide the bid well before it comes to market, so clients are in the best possible shape before it lands. In the pre procurement phase we will work on the main themes that the procurers want to see, and will help to start gathering evidence to support the bid. 

We will help to shape the team, develop organisation charts and RACI schedules. 

Drafting Notes

Once we do have the bid documents, we prepare drafting guidance and detailed answer plans and agree these with the team.

We usually turn these around within a few days, so they are available for the bid kick off meeting.



We help clients to prepare a detailed bid programme, with suitable time built in for quality reviews and commercial settlements.

We can also support clients by providing bid managers to drive the bid, if required.

Bid Writing

We have a small team of experienced bid writers, who are skilled at crafting and shaping material for the bid. The bid writers will work with technical experts and draw out the relevant information to be presented.

Peer Reviews

Our clients find that the biggest value added to bids is from out independent reviews and feedback. These are challenging and often uncomfortable, but will always result in significantly higher quality scores. Our strength comes from being embedded in the team, looking at a bid from an evaluator’s perspective.


The interview can make or break a bid and we provide coaching to prepare the interview team and plenty of practice to make sure everyone contributes on the day. Interviews are almost always about clarifying your bid, so we focus on content.

Mock Evaluation

Near the end of the process an independent senior member of our team will apply the evaluation criteria and mark the bid. Again, this is a useful way to make sure that we are focussed on what the client has asked for and the scores are maximised.


Bid Training

Our bid training programme starts with the Psychology of the Evaluator, then works through the four characteristics of an effective bid.

Whiterock's unique experience includes 25 years leading some of the biggest public procurements in the UK, evaluating thousands of bids. 

Our programme will help you understand how the evaluator thinks, how evaluators evaluate and how to impress them.

Our team has helped secure over £8bn of work for our clients across sectors including education, health, nuclear and infrastructure. 

Our programme takes uncertainty out of bidding by showing you the 4 essential  characteristics you need to achieve a winning bid, every time.

Bitesize learning modules with practical tips

Our learning modules are focused around 4 themes and span an array of topics from answer planning and drafting to organograms and case studies. 

Our Trainer will guide your team through practical activities to help apply what they have learnt and share helpful tips, and tools to standardise your bid process.

Tailored programme to suit your needs

Our programme will be fully tailored to suit your team’s requirements, future bids and timeframe. 

Our trainers are based across the UK so we can accommodate any location which best suits your team. Alternatively, we can deliver it on line to small groups.

If you are interested in our training programme, please contact us.

Our People

Whiterock was established in 2012 by a senior team that had been variously employed by the Department of Health and Social Care, Department for Education, HM Treasury, Local Government, the NHS and a local police force.


Equally important, this public sector experience was underpinned by years spent delivering projects in the private sector. This balance of public and private sector experience allows us to provide rounded advice.


If you would like to join this high performing team and have exceptional experience, please send a 2 page CV to

Colin Howell
Chief Executive
Simon Brown
Managing Director
David Burns
Managing Director
Diane Gair
Mike Yarwood
Emma Pallister
Steve Spoerry
Duncan Rarity
Steve Ball
Annabel Choppen
Nikki Blackshaw
Helen Garnett-Spence
Alison Brittan
Harry Howell
Martin Bailey

Contact Us

All of our staff are home based and cover a number of locations including Newcastle, Manchester, Yorkshire, London, Scotland and Wales. We service clients throughout the UK. 


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